The Sicilian Pecorino cheese 'u picurinu' is exclusively obtained from whole sheep's milk.

Slightly spicy flavor and enchanting fragrance, its taste is characteristic, the flavor is intense.

The Sicilian Pecorino PDO is the most ancient cheese in Europe. Protected since 1955 ( GURI n.295, 22-12-1955 ), becomes Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) on 1996... regulation CEE n.1107 del 12-06-1996..

pecorino siciliano DOP

Slow Food Cronache di Gusto


  Other sheep's cheeses are no longer manufactured using traditional methods.
The Pecorino Siciliano PDO is obtained from whole free grazing sheep's milk.
The traditional methods on milk processing, salting manually applied and the seasoning in natural airing rooms make Pecorino Siciliano PDO a dairy excellence with unrepeatable characteristics outside of origin environment. pecorino siciliano DOP


  The PDO brand, Protected Denomination of Origin, garantees links among the Pecorino Siciliano, birthplace and traditional manufacturing.
pecorino siciliano DOP

  History, traditions and manufacturing methods are part of the PDO brand, which recognizes as fundamental three elements: raw sheep's milk, free grazing animals and seasonality. pecorino siciliano DOP