PDO brand

pecorino siciliano DOP     The PDO brand, Protected Denomination of Origin, garantees links among the Pecorino Siciliano, birthplace and traditional manufacturing.
While the production regulations states the dairy methodologies, the traceability is a requirement of each piece of Pecorino.
For each cheese wheel, a watermark, the casein matrix, shows the inscription "Pecorino Siciliano DOP" and a product identifier.
Likewise, a watermarked number, awarded by European Union, states the dairy farm guaranteeing the traceability.


The PDO brand, Protected Denomination of Origin, is conferred only upon products closely linked to origin places. pecorino siciliano DOP

History, tradition and production processes are part of PDO brand, acknowledging as fundamental the three elements: raw sheep's milk, free grazing animals and traditional manufacturing methods.

pecorino siciliano DOP

The Pecorino Siciliano was the first cheese included among the protected products. In 1955 is published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic (GURI n.295 del 22-12-1955) the measure for protection of Pecorino Siciliano (D.P.R, 30-101955 n.1269).
Later, the European Union has awarded at Pecorino Siciliano the Protected Denomination of Origin through transcription in the register of protected designations under the EC Regulation n. 1107/1996.


pecorino siciliano DOP The ministerial decree also attaches to the consortium the functions of supervision and control of the rules contained in the product specification.
It provides consumers with a guarantee of cheese quality . For control tasks, the consortium relies on the expertise of a third party certification.
The ' Consorzio di Ricerca Filiera Lattiero-Casearia (CoRFiLaC) ' has been recognized by the Ministry as a certification authority for the PDO pecorino. Based in Ragusa, from 1996, Corfilac uses its laboratories and qualified inspectors to ensure the procedures governing this PDO production, mainly represented by the use of raw milk, animals feeding from free grazing and the seasonality.