Consortium members

pecorino siciliano DOP Consortium Board :

Domenico Ferranti - chairman
Salvatore Cucchiara - deputy chairman
Massimo Todaro - councilor
Giuseppe Caruso - councilor
Renato Mancuso - councilor

Voluntary consortium for the protection of Pecorino Siciliano PDO has 15 members.
Their efforts allows the consortium to safeguard a cheese that represents the historical and cultural heritage of Sicily and Italy.

The Pecorino Siciliano PDO is produced from October to June. This is because it is produced exclusively from whole sheep's milk, fresh and coagulated with rennet lamb.
Ewes who provide the milk to dairymans are raised on free grazing pasture and their milk is available just from October to June.
On each wheel the salting is manually applied, the seasoning period takes at least 4 months and is carried out in naturally ventilation rooms.
Only in this way the Pecorino Siciliano PDO gets its personality, keeping all flavors of the Sicily.


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