pecorino siciliano DOP

Finding the best Pecorino Siciliano PDO of the year is an hard play even for experienced ONAF tasters. Though, the “Trinacria d’Oro” prize has this task to reach.

pecorino siciliano DOP The 2016 edition of Trinacria D'Oro enriched the largest event dedicated to quality Sicilian cheeses, Morsi di Latte.
Tasters, farmers and cheese makers were involved in the two days dedicated to culture and information on PDO Sicilian cheese tastings, cooking show and seminars.
With its huge historical and cultural background, the Pecorino Siciliano PDO doesn't miss the event. In this context, the Trinacria d'Oro contest 2016 is the perfect showcase for this amazing product.

Hall of fame

pecorino siciliano DOP
Albo d'oro

pecorino siciliano DOP 2016.   Azienda Agricola Ovini e Natura di Massimo Todaro, S. Margherita Belice.
2015.   Caseificio Ferranti Domenico & C di Santo Stefano Quisquinia, Agrigento.
2014.   Azienda agricola Chucchiara Liborio di Salemi, Trapani.
2013.   Azienda Todaro Massimo di Santa Margherita del Belìce, Agrigento.

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pecorino siciliano DOP The Trinacria d'oro contest was designed under the auspices of the ONAF Eastern Sicily delegation and the Consortium for the Pecorino Siciliano PDO protection.
Conceived by Pietro Pappalardo, food technologist and master taster ONAF, the Trinacria d’Oro prize is not just a trophy to win, but an occasion for ONAF tasters and manufacturers to talk about cheese, typicalness and Sicilian culture.


In defence of quality cheeses.
The Slow Food Presidium cheeses are a guarantee of typicality.
talk about cheese means to defend the Sicilian culture and preserve its territories.