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 4 Consortia for the Protection of PDO cheeses, 10 Hotel Institutes, 40 Teams of young students who challenged each other in the "Mediterraneo a Tavola" gastronomic competition for the preparation of the best dish that can enhance the main protagonist: cheese

This is, in summary, the project wanted by Origin and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies as part of the 2020 national program (Ministerial Decree No. 9375109 of 14 December 2020) for the promotion of certified Italian products.
The Consortia for the Protection of Sheep DOP are those of Pecorino Romano DOP, Pecorino Siciliano PDO, Piacentinu Ennese DOP and Vastedda della Valle del Belice DOP, 4 cheeses from Southern Italy which, by mutual agreement, have focused on young, future chefs, masters of kitchen, dining room and operators in a kind of catering which, with their life actions, could make a significant contribution to the promotion of these more and less known cheeses.

The Mediterranean Table Competition includes 4 rankings, one for each cheese, which will be decreed by a composed jury made up of 10 experts including ONAF Master Tasters, Chefs of national fame and designated by the Protection Consortia.
Not being able to taste the dishes due to the well-known restrictions of COVID-19, the evaluation of the dishes will take into account:
- Characteristic use of cheese in the creation of the dish;
- Correctness and correspondence of the ingredients with the described preparation procedure;
- Use of raw materials characteristic of the Mediterranean;
- Ease of preparation technique;
- Choice of sustainable raw materials;
- Aesthetic sense of the dish (photo of the recipe).

The characteristics of Pecorino Siciliano PDO are unique and unrepeatable.
It is produced exclusively with fresh, whole and coagulated sheep's milk with lamb rennet.
The sheep are raised on free pasture from which the milk acquires all the scents of the territory.

Pecorino Siciliano PDO