trinacria Pecorino Siciliano PDO

Trinacria D'Oro prize

trinacria Pecorino Siciliano PDO   Since 2013 the Trinacria d’Oro prize continues to be the regional event dedicated to the King of Sicilian cheeses: the Pecorino Siciliano PDO.

trinacria Pecorino Siciliano PDO Born under the aegis of the ONAF Eastern Sicily delegation and the Consortium for the protection of Pecorino Siciliano PDO, every year the competition takes place in conjunction with events and workshops aimed at operators in the dairy sector, commercial operators, cheese tasters, promotional bodies and protection of the sector, information operators and world of cheeses fans.

Pietro Pappalardo, food technologist and ONAF master taster :
 The Trinacria d'Oro prize is not just a trophy to be awarded, but an opportunity for ONAF tasters and operators in the sector to talk about cheese, Sicilian specialties and culture.
In-depth video : The Trinacria D'oro

Roll of Honor

Every year the Trinacria D'Oro selects the best Sicilian Pecorino PDO

Società agricola dei Fratelli Tirrito, Castronovo di Sicilia, Palermo
Caseificio Ferranti Domenico&C di Santo Stefano Quisquinia, Agrigento
Società Agricola Ovini e Natura, S. Margherita Belice, Agrigento
Azienda Agricola Renato Mancuso, Nicosia, Enna.
Società Agricola Ovini e Natura, S. Margherita Belice, Agrigento
Caseificio Ferranti Domenico&C, Santo Stefano Quisquinia, Agrigento.
Azienda agricola Chucchiara Liborio, Salemi, Trapani.
Azienda Todaro Massimo, Santa Margherita del Belìce, Agrigento.
trinacria d'oro Pecorino Siciliano PDO

Protected designation of origin

The PDO Mark, Protected Designation of Origin , is a trademark registered with the European Community dedicated to high quality products closely linked to the places of origin and its traditions.

The history, the tradition and the manufacturing methods identify the DOP trademark of Sicilian Pecorino, it states the three fundamental elements: raw sheep's milk, the feeding of free grazing animals and seasonality.
A strong link with the territory gives the specificity to the DOP product.
In the production regulation the origin territories are clearly indicated, outside these areas the cheese cannot be produced, first of all for reasons of legal protection, but mainly for the whole set of features including the climate, raw materials and traditions, which combined together create a unique and inimitable cheese elsewhere.

history Pecorino Siciliano PDO