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Pecorino Siciliano PDO is back on television on LA7

Italy's journey by Massimiliano Prete
500 gr organic Petra 1111
325 gr water
15 gr salt
2 gr brewer's yeast
Extra virgin olive oil
boiled potatoes
Taggiasca olives
Pecorino Siciliano PDO
Aromatic herbs

Roll out the dough, add stewed leeks, boiled potatoes seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and aromatic herbs and fiordilatte.
Bake the pizza for a few minutes and add a sprinkling of Sicilian DOP pecorino, Taggische olives, pancetta and parsley.

The characteristics of Pecorino Siciliano PDO are unique and unrepeatable.
It is produced exclusively with fresh, whole and coagulated sheep's milk with lamb rennet.
The sheep are raised on free pasture from which the milk acquires all the scents of the territory.

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